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Contact Now: (737) 217-7831

Contact Now: (737) 217-7831

The Precise Relief to target any aches, pain, and stress

train harder, move faster, and feel better.

The precise pressure and techniques to help your muscles let go and begin to recover.

Whether you are suffering aches from sitting at a desk, stiffness from working out, or tension from everyday stress, Precision Massage & Bodywork was created for you.  This is a deep tissue massage that target problematic areas and will get you moving on to the road of recovery. Our specific techniques helps aches, tightness, limited range of motion, adhesions, scar tissue, and inflammation that may be affecting your body.

Our techniques engage physiological changes to help the body heal and relax. Our intention is to have you leaving the table with less pain, more efficiency, and a better feeling overall. Do not let pain and stress keep you from doing the activities you love, Let's make your appointment today!


Reduced muscle tension, enhanced recovery of soft tissue injuries, and increased joint mobility are some of the many benefits of massage therapy aimed to alleviate pain.


As a Personal Trainer who specializes in corrective training and general population, I am able to identify and analyze problematic areas and how to address them.


Massage therapy has shown to increase the release of endorphins and reduce the levels of adrenalin, cortisol and norepinephrine, all which are correlated to stress.

About Lisanna Lira

As a personal trainer and licensed massage therapist, I wanted to provide a massage that was ideal and designed for every individual's unique needs.

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Massage therapy for anyone seeking pain relief from tension, a larger range of motion, increased muscle activation, and relaxation.

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I will do my best to accommodate your busy schedule, so reach out to book your your appointment today!

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