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Contact Now: (737) 217-7831

Contact Now: (737) 217-7831

About Lisanna Lira

Lisanna Lira


While pursuing a degree in Nutrition at the University of Texas, an opportunity arose to become a personal trainer. Surrounded by personal trainers who specialized in corrective exercise, post rehab, and general fitness, my knowledge and experience began to develop. As of now I have five years of experience specializing in corrective exercise, strength and conditioning, women's fitness, senior fitness, and nutrition.

In 2018, I decided to pursue massage therapy to increase my knowledge of the anatomy and physiology and give my clients an even more personalized experience.  My ability to help clients increased to not only fitness and training but now bodywork too. After massage school, I was hired at AustinDeep where my palpation and techniques developed specifically in fascia work and deep tissue for athletes and chronic pain. 

Now in 2021, I run my own business where I am able to work with a variety of clients and have the opportunity to use different modalities during massage therapy. My continued education has made me skilled in Contemporary Cupping Methods from the International Cupping Therapy Association, Gratson Technique, Deep Tissue Shoulder, Back, and Neck from the Benjamin Institute.

Precise bodywork for the client looking to train harder, move faster, and feel better.

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